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Is this mic on?


Oh, hello there, it’s been a minute since I’ve posted here. I’ve wanted to post on a number of occasions, but at some point the more time passed, the more difficult it became to want to write here. I began looking at my blog as that friend who I haven’t called in 6+ months, and the more time I don’t call, the harder it is to pick up the phone. Anyway, here I am.

Quinn is napping at the moment and I’m hoping for her and my sake, that it’s a lengthy one. Last night was a really rough night for Miss Quinn, thanks to a much expected cold that hit her after she went to bed. I was literally counting down the hours until the first sign of illness appeared, and it showed up sooner than I thought. Turns out, if your kid sucks on their friends toothbrush and their friend is sneezing, the incubation period for those tainted germs is FAST-TRACKED. That’s my girl, already looking for the efficiencies in life.

Speaking of Quinn, who will be turning 2 in three weeks – OMG WHERE DID THE TIME GO?!? I’m blown away by how quick her language is developing and how she now repeats EVERYTHING (note to self). A few weeks ago, she was looking at something and said, with much inflection: “OH MY GAWSH!” It was the first statement I’ve heard her say, that I haven’t annoyingly asked her to repeat for me, but rather something she must hear me say often. Which, a little credit please because, HELLO, it was nothing profane or offensive! Aside from the “oh my gawsh”, she’s becoming a regular jabber-box, speaking longer and longer sentences and phrases. I love communicating with her and can’t wait until we have full on conversations.

She’s really big on discovering things that are the ’same thing’. For instance, she was delighted to discover her Yo Gabba Gabba guys were the same thing as on “teeveeh”. She says, “same ting teeveeh mom!” This goes on for all kinds of thing, throughout the day, the birds we see outside, are the same birds we make out of her play doh; the songs we sing at home are the “same ting Tyeena” (same songs we sing at music with Tylena); the cats whiskers are the “same ting daddy’s pokies”. It’s so hilarious and cute I could listen to her all day.

One of her current habits that is sort of embarrassing when we’re not at home is her strong urge to always pull off her socks and shoes and look for “suzz” in between her toes. As she goes in between each toe searching for “suzz”, she either exclaims: “yup” or “nope”. Once she’s done with her toes, she requests me to remove my socks and the process will continue until she’s satisfied that all of the “suzz” is free from our toes.

During the stretch of these trapped-indoors-winter-months, we’re getting some serious use out of every toy that exists in this house. Quinn absolutely loves her “guys”; which is a mishmash of Little People, Yo Gabba Gabba & wooden dolls. Her guys go from room to room, having various conversations with each other, however they’re most often found in a line-up or in a circle around her sippy cup. of some sort. She also loves to color, sort of. At the moment she prefers to have me color. I keep trying to pass off her markers or crayons, but no luck: “mamma do!” “dis one, dis one!” Anyone else experience this? Oh, her other favorite past-time is stickers. Stickers are quickly becoming the bane of my existence. She loves these stickers so much, but her fine motor skillz aren’t quiet ready for them. We’ve got a bunch of Melissa & Doug stickers, her favorite ones being the stickers which are dolls that you dress up. Many tantrums have been had thanks to a shirt being misplaced, a shoe placed where the foot is still showing. As a result, I try to hide her stickers and only pull them out when she begins begging for “stitders, mom, stitders!”

I seriously cannot believe that she’s going to be 2 years old. I can’t believe I haven’t worked at LP for 2 years. In some ways I always knew I’d enjoy being a SAHM, but I’m a bit surprised I feel so content in my current roll. There are definitely days and moments when I long for a different scenery, my old office, my old skills, my old co-workers, but I’m really making an effort to savor these first few years.

And with that, I’m off to play with my girl. Let’s hope I return here sooner than later, but not making any promises.

What’ll it be? 1 or 2 naps?


Quinn has been teetering between 1 and 2 naps a day for roughly three months now. I’ve read that some nap transitions can take a long time, and I’m here to tell you, it’s TRUE. For the longest time, she’s been so close to being able to make it with one nap, but as the saying goes, close only counts in Horseshoes and hand grenades. I have made my impatiences with regard to the napping situation known on various social networking sites, however, I always follow it up with a quick retraction because believe me when I say I appreciate the nap time and will take every nap I can get from her. As my fellow SAHM’s (holla!) will concur, nap time is precious. Precious moments that should ALWAYS be savored and never cursed.

So what’s the problem with 2 naps? Why not just milk it for as long as possible? My answer is; behold the schedule below and weep:

7 a.m. – Quinn wakes

10:00 a.m. – Eye rubs, yawns, fussy girl… Down she goes for her first nap.

11:15 a.m. – Wakey-wake!

11:15 – 2:30 – lunch is served, play, park, bike, toys, books, etc.

2:30 p.m. – Again with the eye rubs, fussy face, yawning…

3:15 p.m. – Falls asleep

4:15 p.m. – Wakes up

4:15 – 7:00 – play, dinner, charm the pants off mom & dad, etc.

7:00 p.m. – Bath, books

8:00 p.m. – I say “bedtime”… However Quinn is full of energy, still ready to go-go-go.

8:45 p.m. – She is showing NO SIGNS OF SLOWING DOWN, I become weary.

9:15 p.m. – I take child to her room to go to bed. I nurse her, however she’s barely interested. She hops off my lap and starts looking at her toys in the nearly dark room.

9:30 p.m. – I silently curse myself for letting her fall asleep so late in the day.

9:45 p.m. – Still awake…

9:50 p.m. – Nurse Quinn again, she begins to methodically play with my hair. I doze off again…. (Yes, she nurses to sleep most nights. No, I don’t know how my child will fall asleep after I wean since I will not CIO. Yes, I am aware that I may be one of those freaky moms who nurses their 8 year old. Ok, I’m joking about the last part.)

10:15 p.m. – She’s asleep. IT’S A MIRACLE.

This schedule has happened WAY more often than I’d like to admit – and I’ve got the bags under my eyes to prove it. There have also been many days when she’s managed 1 nap and gone to bed at a “normal” time. There’s also been a couple of serious PARENTAL FAIL, when I’ve kept her awake, only to see my efforts go down the drain, by watching her fall asleep at 6 p.m., wake up an hour later and be up until the ungodly hour of 12 A.M.

Alas, I believe I’ve found the light at the end of the tunnel. My big girl is just shy of 18 months, and I really think she’s ready. For the last 7 days or so, Quinn’s been on 1 nap a day and it’s been wonderful. We’ve got the full morning for activities, play dates and errands, a longish nap, and then plenty of time to tucker herself out by the reasonable hour of 8 p.m. Below is a series of photos taken earlier this week during lunch, which highlight that I’m still working out the “kinks” in this new fangled 1-nap fancy-pants-big-girl schedule.

Result of

Munching on my turkey sandwich, I glance over at her and notice her eye lids get heavy. I thought I was seeing things because I’ve NEVER seen her THIS tired, pre-nap/pre-bedtime. Apparently lunch needs to be moved up an hour. Oops…

Then she woke up and was all...

A few seconds later she woke up, probably because I was cracking up. I kept saying “you fell asleep silly girl”, which she thought was hilarious. So she made this cheesy face.

Then seconds later... she started to doze off again

And then 2 seconds later her eye lids began to droop and I knew I had to get her to bed pronto. She was asleep before her head hit the pillow.


Finally, I’m getting there


Quinn is now 17 months old and I have spent very, very little time away from her. VERY LITTLE TIME. I’m not saying this as a positive or a negative — but rather, just a simple fact. Being a SAHM, yes, it’s my job to be with her 24/7, however, I rarely leave her with Jake or my MIL to have some time to myself. On the rare occasion that I would step out, I would be filled with worry. Not about the ability for Jake to care for her obviously (because hello? He’s sort of the best dadda in the world… Just ask Quinn). However I’d simply worry about things not going well – she’d have a fit. It sounds so silly when I type it out because what toddler doesn’t have meltdowns? She has at least one meltdown a day, usually more with me. So what if she has a melt-down with Jake? (Yes, I’m aware that I’m slightly looney and please bear with me because I’m trying to be better, but holy moly, my default is to be a bit nutters).

ANYHOO… All of this is changing because as of 2 weeks ago I began a 2 month long program called Recess Bootcamp. It’s an all encompassing program, meaning it includes, workouts, health fitness assessments (before/after), and nutrition education. We meet 3 times a week for a little over an hour. Which, when all is said and done, it’s a nice 2 hours away from the house and I LOVE IT. I seriously love it. In exchange for getting to participate in the program, I get to blog about it on Urbanmamas.com. Which, um, I sort of love that site and am slightly addicted to it. So, to be able to write a few pieces and have them posted on UM is very, very awesome in my book.

Also, I cannot even explain how recharged I feel when I return from one of my workouts with Recess. Being able to step away for those 2 hours and only focus on me and my body for that moment is heaven. And the fact that I’m doing something good for my body, that my body needs is a bonus. What makes me just as happy is being able to step away and let Jake and Quinn have some solid father/daughter bonding time. When I come home, Jake fills me in on the activities they did — beaming from ear to ear. And then my heart nearly bursts with happiness every single time.

It’s taken me almost a year and a half to find time for myself and I guess it’s better late than never right?

Ill Equipped


I don’t do well with sick. Even when I’m sick, I *need*, I *cling*, I’m insecure, I worry. Quinn has been sick this week — like, really sick. Like, laugh in the face of the umpteen colds she’s had throughout the course of her 16 months. And I don’t do well with it. I worry, I fret, I obsess. I let her do what she wants because she’s sick, which is mostly nursing all day and all night long.

On Monday she was diagnosed with an ear infection and prescribed Amoxicillin. 72 hours later, she was still fighting a fever, had no appetite — and was clearly still really sick, which warranted another trip to the doctor’s office. By the time of our appointment, her fever had finally broke and I saw a little bit of the sparkle return to her eyes. That was Thursday. The doctor said that her ear was now fine, however she must be also fighting an underlying bacterial *thing* that is/was also contributing to her fever and lack of appetite, etc.

On Friday, things began looking up, she ate yesterday… which was such a relief. However just as we were doing the happy, she’s better dance, she began breaking out in a rash all over her body. At which point I broke. I couldn’t deal… I called Jake to make sure I wasn’t seeing things in my paranoid state. He agreed, there’s a rash, so I called the doctor.

A couple of hours later the doctor’s office called me back and said they don’t want to see her unless the following:

1. The rash becomes itchy. (Which she doesn’t really scratch herself to relieve an itch, so it’s really difficult to determine if *rubbing her head* means it itches, or if she is just rubbing her head!?!?)

2. The rash turns into welts or becomes purplish in color.

3. If her fever returns.

So, I’m on *rash* watch and yes, it’s probably driving me a bit bonkers. Has it spread? Is she warmer? Was that an itch??? WHAT ARE WELTS?!?! You see where I’m going with this. I keep trying to channel my inner calm – because I know she feeds off of whatever energy I’m giving. How do mom’s NOT stress and worry when their child is sick? Does it get easier as each illness comes and goes? Jake saw me looking up instructions on digital thermometer’s this morning and it sent him over the edge. He knows what I do — he knows how I get myself worked up. And he’s right, a digital thermometer is a very simple tool that does not require a lot of of explanation. I closed the computer, took a deep breath and nursed my baby.

Breakfast Club


Quinn eats the same thing for breakfast practically every morning: Yobaby Yogurt mixed with Multi-Grain Cereal. It’s the only meal of the day that I can almost always count on her finishing. I add the cereal to the yogurt to; 1. provide her with her complex carbo’s for the day and 2. to thicken up this super runny yogurt. I used to be able to control the mess-factor by feeding her myself however lately she insists on holding the spoon and feeding herself, which makes me equally thrilled and terrified at the same time. Thrilled because she’s learning this very handy and basic motor skill that is required in this part of the world, however terrified because have you seen how much hair she has? One bath a day is enough, thank you very much. All that said, when she does reach for the spoon I hesitate for only a millisecond before I hand over the utensil and cheer her on. These photos were taken on a day when she actually kept the food out of her hair. Yay, happy days!

Breakfast Series

Breakfast Series

Breakfast Series

Breakfast Series

Breakfast Series

Breakfast Series

Breakfast Series

Stuck like Chuck


Over the past two weeks I’ve drafted 3 posts that I’ve abandoned. I’ve had a lack of motivation for some reason – not sure why. There’s been plenty going on here, days full of gardening, trips to large fountains, and just general silliness that is all bundled up in a 14 month old. SO, to get out of my rut, I bring you some photos of our weekend outing to Waterfront Park.

We’re getting a preview of summer here in Portland and we celebrated over the past weekend by taking Quinn to Tom McCall fountain. She had a total blast. As we approached the fountain, from about 30 yards away, Quinn spotted it and let out a “ooooohhhhh”. Translation: “OMG that looks awesome!” Between the fountain and all the dogs Quinn was in toddler heaven.


Daddy & QuinnO

Mommy & QuinnO

I have a feeling this summer is going to be loaded with these kinds of activities which YAY! As long as I can figure out how to keep her shielded from the sun. My adorable hat donning baby has become an anti-hat wearing toddler. And while I can lather her body up in sunscreen, her scalp is another issue… Maybe find some kid-friendly spray-on sunscreen for her head?

Travel preferences with Child


When I made the decision to stay home full time with Quinn, I imagined taking full advantage of the freedom that came with the schedule. I figured she and I would hop in the car on a whim and drive up to Skagit Valley (240 miles N. of Portland) to visit family and friends. No longer would I be limited to the Fri-Sat-Sun trip I’ve become so accustomed to over the past 13 years. However as it turns out, I’ve been swept away by very few whim’s over the past year. From the beginning, Quinn has never loved being in the car all that much. After about an hour in the car she’s ready to move onto the next thing, thank you very much. I’ve made 5 trips up to Skagit Valley over the past year; 2 – by car, 2 – by train, 1 – by plane. Each seem to have their pro’s and con’s.

The car is long and confining, but you have the freedom to stop frequently and if your child is wailing, you get to save the apologetic glances that you make when on a plane or train. You also are able to pack as much stuff as your trunk or wagon will hold (in our case), thus avoiding the irritating task of weighing out what’s more important; clothes or toys??? And once you’ve decided on toys, then deciding WHICH toys will provide the most entertainment. The truth is, she could have done without any of her toys since my parents house provided endless desirable items. With the price of gas currently, it would cost us roughly $90 round trip.

The train offers wide open spaces, bathrooms and a dining car, however it’s still a confined space and a train is QUIET. Quiet spaces + 13 month old’s = a battle waiting to happen. I am able to feed/nurse Quinn at any time plus there’s the “breeze-way” in between cars, that allows for additional privacy/tantrum throwing. A train is very long — a 4 1/2 hour car ride for us is 6 hours on the train. A ticket will run roughly $60 – $90 per person (children under 2 are free).

Air travel is of course so quick however when you add up the early arrival to airport + layover, you’re looking at 4 hours or more. In fact, on the way up, Quinn and got stuck in Seattle due to a delayed flight & mechanical issues. We finally made it to my folks house at 4:30 p.m. A whopping 6 1/2 hours later. The 6 1/2 hours was not too terrible because it was broken up into so many smaller parts. 15 minutes to the airport, 1 hour at PDX, 1 hour flight to Seattle, 2 1/2 hours at SeaTac, 30 minute flight to Bellingham, 30 minute drive to folks house. All of this seemed to work in favor of small children, at least my small child. I could let her run around (sort of) at the airport and she was able to nap in the Ergo or on my lap at some point, I was free to nurse and feed her meals whenever, bathrooms was never too far away. The return flight back to Portland was much quicker, clocking in at roughly 4 hours.

Air traveling, alone was a pain when you’ve got to lug the gigantic carseat with you. I checked a piece of luggage, carried Quinn in the Ergo, wore my carry-on (a backpack) and pulled the carseat behind me in this (which sucks). (I know, it’s got 1 1/2 stars, but it’s all they had at Baby’s R’Us and I was desparate. This bag broke somewhere on the flight up to Washington and I plan on returning because come on… it lasts LESS THAN ONE FLIGHT?!? Anyway, I think I’ll invest in this for our next air travel, which has great reviews. I saw it in action at SeaTac, with a mom traveling alone, with 3 kids, one being pulled in their carseat, and two walking beside her. She was my HERO.) The  really tricky part was when I had to throw the carseat on my back to hike up the 5 million stairs at Sea Tac, which I had to do 3 separate times. Seriously, I was balanced so precariously with all that extra weight on me that the slightest breeze would have sent me flying backwards. The other, more obvious downside to flying is that it’s the most expensive. After taxes I paid $288. Something that I like to call a “special treat”.

By the time we take our next trip, I’m crossing my fingers that Quinn will be old enough to better handle the long car ride since that’s my preferred method of travel, unless our magnolia tree starts growing plane tickets and I can hire my own personal assistant to drag that carseat to and fro.

Do any of you have travel tips when it comes to traveling with small kids? Horror stories? Helpful fellow travelers?

Seven Quick Takes


I’ve been working on this silly post since Friday but keep getting side-tracked. Anyway, better late than never right?

1. Naps. How much time is spent by new moms obsessing over this topic? At 13 months old Quinn is still taking two naps a day, which by the way, I’m very thankful for. Her first nap is around 9:30 and her afternoon nap is around 2:30, however after the time change a few weeks ago, things have just been off. Everything has seemed to switch to 30 minutes later  which doesn’t seem like a big deal until the clock hits 8 p.m. and she’s running around the house like an energizer bunny with ZERO eye rubs/yawns/etc. I’ve been toying with the idea of waking her up at 6:30 a.m., which in theory, should solve our problems. What do you think? Is this a no brainer? Are you a SAHM that wakes baby at a certain time to make sure the day “flows” a certain way?

2. Next Wednesday Quinn and I will be taking our first flight together and OF COURSE I’m already freaking out about this. Mostly I’m concerned about the logistics, oh and how she’ll behave on the flights of course, and nursing without exposing myself to the world because yes I use a nursing cover (but as soon as I put that thing over her head, she’s all, FUN, A GAME, let’s cover and uncover myself. Meanwhile I get all sweaty and nervous about all the business folk seeing my fleshy breasts). Anyway, mostly I’m wondering about her car seat. We’ve got a Convertible Britax that is very large and I’d like to check it at curbside, however I’m afraid it could sustain some damage en route to Bellingham. I read somewhere that some people save the original boxes their car seats came in and for flights, they re-box the seats back up to protect them, which is a brilliant idea, except that we smashed and recycled that box long ago. Any of you have some experiences you can share? Did you cart the seats through security and check them at the gate?

3. During our stay at our folks house, there’s going to be a belated birthday celebration for Quinn and two of her cousins. All three of the girls were born within about 6 weeks of each other and I can’t wait to see the three of them together.

4. Weeds. They are quickly becoming my new obsession, as in, I want them OUT. GONE from our flower beds. Every day this week during Quinn’s naps, I’ve been pulling weeds. Our large debris bin, which is this size, is now 3/4 full of weeds.  Last year before we tackled the outdoors, we laid out a “planscape” with the landscaper at Seven Dee’s Nursery., all these flowerbeds seemed like a wonderful idea, however right now, I’m sort of wishing we had our wall-to-wall grass. Well not really, but it’s just a lot of work especially since I seem to be the emerging “weeder” of the family. I’m the resident weeder while Jake is becoming our lawn expert. This week he’s been working out a big plan to lime, reseed, and fertilize (with organic fertilizer) the lawn which I’m totally happy with because I can’t seem to wrap my brain around those kinds of tasks.

5. This week I was making pizza dough (yes from scratch) and Quinn was insisting on seeing what I was DOING. She was at my legs saying, “up, up, up”. So I stood her on a chair, handed her a spoon and had her help me mix the dough. Knowing exactly what to do, she dug in, mixing the (already mixed) dough. She would stir the spoon around, and then, lick the spoon. I got this vision of her being my little helper in the kitchen and what a great benefit to this whole offspring thing. She’s clearly a long way away from any sort of actual help, however it’s never too soon to train right?

6. Over the past several months we’ve been trying to make smarter choices about the meat we consume. We’ve made the switch to purchasing naturally raised (no hormones, no antibiotics, free range, etc) meat and poultry, which if you’re willing to spend a little more, it’s an easy shift to make.  So while this was an easy shift to make for our dinners, lunches have become more difficult since Jake and I used to live off of packaged deli meats. Which are about as far from “natural” as you can get. Rather than go on a hunt for pricey “natural” deli meats, I decided to make my own lunch meat. Using Trader Joe’s Individually Frozen All Natural Chicken Breasts, I threw a few frozen breasts in a pan, seasoned them up and 30 minutes later I’ve got all natural deli meat at my fingertips for the week.  Problem solved!

7. Switching topics back to Quinn, I am amazed at how much she is talking lately. I mean, much of her talk is still baby jibber-jabber, but mixed in with the jibbery are actual words. Current words on the playlist are: Hot, Up, Whassat (what’s that), Dad-dee (doggie), Light (which sounds an awful lot like “hot”), and Dada.  She’s also getting good at pointing at what she wants, and then making the sign for “more”, which oh my goodness it is great to be able to communicate with my child. The lines of communication are sometimes not totally clear, and the game of pointing at SOMETHING and by the power of elimination, I eventually figure out what it is she wants. Which most of the time she ends up wanting something she can’t have, so why I continue to play this game with her is beyond me.

Seven Quick Takes


1. News flash! My daughter is no longer a baby. I mean, this is not a shocker I know, but it became official this week when I sat her in the little v’dub hair cut chair and watched her baby locks fall to the ground. She was feeling pretty jazzed about the whole experience until the stylist started chopping away. By the size of the tears and the sound of Quinn crying, you would think the poor girls hair had feelings or something.  I’m seriously amazed that the stylist was able to give such a decent cut considering Quinn was whipping her head back & forth while arching her back. The whole haircut was done in less than 10 minutes but by the end of it, my nerves were shot. I was drenched with sweat and suddenly felt exhausted. They gave us a certificate with a little lock of Q’s hair attached and off we went. Just look at her… All grow’d up.

New hairdo

2. We live near a high school and while the summers around the neighborhood are oh so pleasant, the September – June months have the potential to (occasionally) be a real pain in my a*s. The high schoolers are, well, high schoolers I suppose. However the kids that tend to stray away from school, during school hours, and wander the nearby streets, are typically up to no good. There are some kids who smoke pot while walking up and down our street, we’ve heard a few fights breakout, and then there was that evening we came home to a hole in our kitchen window and a rock sitting on our table. Oh and then there was the time last year when kids did this down our street, which was actually hilarious because a cop caught them. Anyway, recently there’s been a couple incidents of kids snorting drugs. And snorting is just so much more unpleasant to watch, I get all skeeved out. On Monday, I watched a transaction go down and then the kids snorted their winnings. A few moments passed and they saw me watching them. I was purposely trying to boar holes through their heads with my evil stare, but all they did was stare at me with a “I’m gonna GET YOU” look. I got so freaked out I quickly scanned the doors and windows to make sure all were locked, convinced they would be returning. They didn’t come back, however I’ve decided rather than get all vigilante on them, I’ll call the school and the cop who patrols the high school instead.

3. Jake’s been in California for work this week and the worst part about him being gone, besides missing him like crazy, is the time between 5 p.m – 7:30 p.m. At 5 o’clock(ish) he comes down to spend time with Quinn and I prepare dinner. I love hearing the sweet sounds of them playing together while I cook. It’s the most satisfying and soothing sound which makes me smile as I type this. After dinner we hang out, watch the news and have some more family time. These hours are great because I get to take a backseat while he becomes the human jungle gym. Every night this week, at around 5 o’clock, I feel like there’s a moment when Quinn and I look at each other and think… what now? We’ve sang every song, we’ve read every book, we’ve played with every toy. He’s coming home Friday morning and I cannot tell you how excited to have him home and not be a single parent.

4. That said, there is an up side to him being gone. I’ve gotten a mini-vacation from meal planning/dinner preparations. One night I ate a salad. Quinn had a mix of her standards; avocados, broccoli, whole wheat toast, pears/apples, etc. The next night I got my act together and whipped up a pot of turkey chili which is still feeding she and I. Honestly this “vacation” from cooking is sort of a forced vacation due to the fact that it’s still really difficult to cook an entire meal AND keep her entertained at the same time. However, forced or not, I’ll take it.

5. Did you know that in Multnomah County you can get excused from Jury Duty if you’re a breast feeding mother? Yup. Totally legal. I received a Jury Duty Summons a few weeks ago and I know it’s my civic duty, but I didn’t want to go. Not right now. Not while I’m still breastfeeding. Anyway, I wrote a letter asking for an excusal and it was granted. Yesterday I received a reply and the card stated: “We hope circumstances make jury service possible in the future”. Wasn’t that nice? I thought, “yes, me too!”

6. I’m convinced that Quinn has shaved a few years off of our cat’s life. Maya is 13 years old and it’s true that it took her a good 6 months to warm up to the idea of Quinn, but she finally started to come around. The last few months as Quinn has gotten more mobile, and more able to seek out the cat, Maya has been much more playful. Don’t get me wrong, Maya is thoroughly annoyed when I hold her so Quinn can give her some snuggles and eat some of her fur, however she tolerates it. And when I release Maya, she doesn’t go far.

7. Milestone Update! #1: Quinn can say water… Well she says: “waaaa-waaaa” and it’s the most adorable thing I’ve ever heard. #2: She climbed up the couch on her own yesterday. She usually stands at the couch, lifts one leg and hopes that someone is around to give her a boost. I was sort of frozen for a second when I saw her on the couch. One second she was assuming her normal position, and the next second she was proudly sitting atop it. This is frightening because yes she can get up by herself, however she is not nearly as thoughtful when she wants to get down, so she requires a full-court press type of supervision when she’s on the couch. Part of me wants her to hurry up and get a little older/bigger so she can get past this terribly dangerous stage of early-toddlerhood.

Up at 4:30 a.m.


It’s 5:25 a.m, I’ve been up for an hour and I should be sleeping. Jake was out the door by 5 a.m. to head to California for a few days for work and I tried my hardest to go back to sleep, however apparently the lure of that first cup of coffee and some alone time overpowered my need for sleep.  Which by the way makes no sense because if you add up the total hours of sleep I’ve gotten over the past couple of nights, it barely adds up to 10 hours.

I’ve never been a great napper but it’s gotten much worse since Quinn was born. I can’t relax enough to drift off. I lay there thinking of all of the things I should be getting done during the precious nap hour(s) or if there’s not a list of to-do’s, then I could always be working out or have some alone time to read the internet.  Yesterday, due to my 4 hours of sleep the night before, I seriously felt drunk, yet when Quinn finally took her nap, I could not fall asleep. Jake tells me that learning to take naps takes practice. All that said, I’m not completely sold on the nap necessarily. The few times that I have fallen asleep, when I wake, I usually feel half out of it and MORE tired than before I fell asleep. Should I aim for that perfect nap time? No more than 20 minutes? Or am I not napping long enough?

What am I missing here?

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